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Centre for Sport Didactics

Eine Lehrerin unterrichtet Schülerinnen und Schüler im Sportunterricht.


Teaching sport and organising sports activities are challenging tasks. This is true not only of physical education lessons at school, but also of other forms of sports instruction. We can answer your questions about sport at school and also offer the courses that are needed.

The Centre for Sport Didactics conducts research, carries out development projects and offers services and advice related to question of how best to teach sport, especially at school level. If you are interested in our projects, you can find further information under Research, Development & Services.

In addition to its research and development activities, the Centre for Sport Didactics is holding a specialised Master’s programme on sports didactics since September 2015. In addition, it is already possible to study for a doctorate at the Centre for Sport Didactics in collaboration with the Institute of Sport Science at the University of Bern. You will find more information about this under the menu item Studies.

 The Centre for Sport Didactics is cooperating with the HEP BEJUNE.