Berne University of Teacher Education


With around 2,500 students, Berne University of Teacher Education is one of Switzerland’s major universities of teacher education.


Studying at Berne University of Teacher Education

Berne University of Teacher Education trains teachers for the entire school system: from pre-primary to lower secondary school and for middle school (upper secondary schools, vocational secondary schools), as well as special needs teachers. Every year, 700 qualified teachers graduate from Berne University of Teacher Education with a degree in teaching.

Training at this university is characterised by a large amount of practical work, which is facilitated by the university’s cooperation with more than 70 schools offering internships. This ensures that students are well prepared for their future professional life.

Training takes place in the modern vonRoll university centre, which was completed in 2013. Berne University of Teacher Education shares these attractive premises with the University of Bern. The largest library in the city of Bern, the vonRoll library, can be found here.

Advanced training, media education and research

Berne University of Teacher Education supports teachers not only during their studies, but throughout their entire career – with advanced training courses, conferences and courses in advanced studies (CAS, DAS, MAS). Each year, the university provides around 300,000 hours of advanced training to a total of 25,000 participants. The university’s media centre offers practising teachers a large selection of teaching and learning media for all subjects.

The core tasks of Berne University of Teacher Education also include research, development and evaluation. The aim is to link research, teaching and school practice. The findings of the research, development and evaluation projects enhance practical application at schools and in teaching, and help to facilitate optimum training and advanced training of teaching staff.


Berne University of Teacher Education represents

  • 4 institutes for teacher training
  • 7 degree programmes
  • 2,500 students from throughout Switzerland
  • more than 70 partner schools
  • large amount of practical work
  • modern campus
  • best infrastructure

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