The English modules are offered as "Wahlpflichtmodul" for students in the profile Mittelstufe / MST at IVP (VUS Profile: please see Facherweiterung).


Vorschulstufe und Unterstufe (VUS)

Students in the profile VUS (Vorschulstufe und Unterstufe) may attend the English modules together with students in the profile MST if they fulfil the requirements (language competence at B2.2 / B2+). However, students can only attend English as Facherweiterung and need to complete three modules to obtain 8 ECTS in addition to the 180 ETCS required for their Bachelor studies.



Mittelstufe (MST) – 2 Wahlpflichtmodule Englisch

The English curriculum at IVP consists of two compulsory modules. Module Englisch 1 (3 ECTS) can either be attended in the 2nd or 3rd semester at IVP. In module 1 the emphasis is on teacher language education. In module Englisch 2 (3 ECTS) the focus is on teaching English as a foreign language to young learners. English 2 can be attended either in the 3rd or 4th semester at PHBern / IVP. However, Englisch 1 and Englisch 2 cannot be attended in the same semester.

Englisch 1Englisch 1Englisch 2Englisch 2Wahlmodul
Project English

Mehr Informationen für Studierende im Profil Vorschulstufe und Unterstufe (VUS)


Wahlmodule Englisch

There is an elective module titled "Project English" offered for students in their sixth semester at IVP. In this module (2 ECTS) students can choose one topic = one project, to focus on in depth. Possible projects are:

  • Taskifying activities from a coursebook
  • Assessment with and in New World or other course materials
  • Mehrjahrgangsklassen: Designing a model to teach English to multi-grade learners
  • From a monolingual to a multilingual approach in foreign language teaching
  • Vocabulary teaching and learning in a multilingual approach
  • Story-telling approach: Designing a model / project for pre-school / Basisstufe


The prerequisite to attend the English modules at PHBern / IVP is an English language competence at B2.2 (or B2+) on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The following certificates / papers are accepted and will entitle students to attend English at IVP:

FCEGrade B and higher
CAEGrades A-C

Grades A-C

BECVantage Grade B and higher
IELTS6.0 and higher
PTEAcademic 58 and higher
TOEFL600 / 250 and higher
TOEFLiBT 85 and higher
TOEIC750 and higher
Students without one of the above-mentioned certificates have the opportunity to take LINGUASKILL as a placement test at PHBern, IVP (more about LINGUASKILL at https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/linguaskill/).

Please note that no external LINGUASKILL documents are accepted by PHBern, IVP.

Two slots will be offered during the official exam weeks in January / June so that students can take the placement test at PHBern, IVP. To fulfil the requirements for attending the English modules, an overall LINGUASKILL score of 173 (and higher) is required. Students will have to pay CHF 60.– for the test.

Students who are interested in taking an official exam will find more information here:

Cambridge exams


Einreichung des Zertifikats / Paper

A certificate / paper that fulfills the requirements of a language level at B2.2 (or B2+) has to be handed in to ContactDesk no later than:

  • To attend English 1 in the spring semester (FS): 31st January
  • To attend English 1 in the autumn semester (HS): 31st August

Please note that certificates / paper cannot be older than three years at the time of enrolment at PHBern / IVP.



Dr. Susanna Schwab, MEd in ELT


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