BeLEARN - competence center for digitization in education

BeLEARN is the competence center for digitization in education. BeLEARN researches, innovates, networks and offers solutions - for the teaching and learning of tomorrow.


What is BeLEARN?

BeLEARN is the new competence center for digitization in education. The five founding universities (University of Bern, PHBern, Bern University of Applied Sciences, EPFL, EHB) receive funding from the Canton of Bern for cooperation projects in the areas of Digital Skills, Digital Tools and Data Science for Education. BeLEARN also collaborates with the FFHS and the EdTech Collider and operates a hub in Bern, where workstations are available to research groups and start-ups. In the hub, low-threshold events for the networking of researchers, start-ups and practitioners take place on a regular basis. For more information on research projects and funding for collaborative projects, please click here.

Activities and interfaces of the PHBern to BeLEARN can be found on the following pages.

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