Activities of the PHBern in BeLEARN


The PHBern's involvement in BeLEARN is broad-based. As one of the five founding universities, PHBern is intensively involved in shaping BeLEARN. In this context, the research program "Education and Digital Technologies" and the PHBern-internal project funding "BeLEARN" were launched at PHBern. In addition, the Digital Transformation Network has expanded its scope of work.

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Research Programme "Education and Digital Technologies"

Digital technologies can both support and hinder learning. In this research programme, research is being conducted into how digital technologies can be used to promote learning. In direct cooperation with teachers and students, learning in virtual environments is examined in particular.

Ongoing projects

Completed projects

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Digital Transformation Network

The Digital Transformation Network (NDT) brings together central areas of work that support and drive forward the digital transformation within the PHBern. In cooperation with other organisational units and their employees, it makes a significant contribution to the implementation of the strategic guidelines and the concretisation of the vision of the PHBern in the area of digital transformation.

Ongoing projects

Completed projects

  • GrafMilis
    In the GrafMilis project, connections between various aspects of handwriting, graphomotor skills and spelling are explored. Special attention is paid to the analogue and digital recording of graphomotor difficulties. In addition, existing games for promoting handwriting on the iPad will be tested, further developed and integrated into a guideline that combines analogue and digital forms of learning.  
  • eCoaches der Berner Hochschulen
    Das eCoach-Programm der Uni Bern soll im Rahmen dieses Booster-Projektes auf die beiden Berner Hochschulen PHBern und BFH ausgeweitet werden und eine Ergänzung mit für die dortigen Bedürfnisse passenden Modulen erhalten.
    (project description only available in german)
  • LabNet
    "Not reinventing the wheel" and "overcoming distances" are the two paradigms underlying the planned open laboratory network LabNet.
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Project funding BeLEARN

Within the framework of the PHBern-internal project funding "BeLEARN", the PHBern offers all PHBern employees the opportunity to obtain freedom and resources to implement their innovative ideas in cooperative projects in accordance with the BeLEARN strategy. The aim is to gain knowledge and experience together with the BeLEARN universities. The focus of the projects should be on primary schools.

Current projects in BeLEARN

Completed projects in BeLEARN