What international mobility students have to say about studying and living in Bern.

Juo Han Chen, Taiwan

“Being here is the remedy of my life”

I recommend a mobility semester at Berne University of Teacher Education because you will find many interesting courses, nice people and great environments. The teachers and classmates are very caring and helpful, I appreciate that. There is a lot of discussing during the classes, this is different in my home country, but it encourages me to keep exploring and always stay curious.

As for the foreign language: my advice is: just try and don’t be afraid!

Juo Han Chen, Taiwan

Andrés Restrepo Gil

“A discovery on several levels”

With its pedagogical emphasis, PHBern allows you multiple possibilities. I have discovered many differences between my home country Columbia and Switzerland: In relation to studies for example, topics and methodologies are different.

My advice for future Incoming students: Ask questions; it is important to clarify doubts. With small questions you can solve big problems.

Andrés Restrepo Gil, Columbia

Jemma Tosh

“Something I will remember for the rest of my life”

I chose PHBern for my mobility because I wanted to expand my language knowledge and to experience studying in a teacher focused school. In the knowledge that there will be tougher times that you will have to push through, the experience of an exchange is definitely worthwhile and rewarding.

My advice for future Incoming students: If you have the chance to do an internship in a local school, take it!

Jemma Tosh, United Kingdom

Rachel Fromm, Deutschland

“New inspirations for my future teaching”

Studying at Bern University of Teacher Education for one semester is a great personal and professional enrichment: For one there is the possibility of taking courses for different age groups. Secondly, many of the lecturers are teachers themselves and therefore you will receive many practical tips and advice on everyday life as a teacher. 

On a personal level I enjoy the bilingualism of the canton of Berne, the proximity to the mountains and of course, Bern as a city itself. 

My advice for future Incoming students: Do not panic at the beginning of the semester, it can be overwhelming, but with the help of the International Office and the teachers, all will sort itself out. 

Rachel Fromm, Germany

Simon van Maele

“A life-changing experience”

I was welcomed very openly in the classes. Even before the start of the semester I could always contact the International Office if I had a question of some sort.

My advice for future Incoming students: Enjoy your time here and find time for pleasant things! 

Simon van Maele, Belgium


“…everything I could have ever asked for and more!”

The experience in Berne will benefit my career as an African teacher because of the experience I have gained. I can now think outside the box, have new teaching methods to make teaching and learning stimulating and effective. As much as the contexts of the two countries are different, I believe I can find a way to implement what I have learnt in a South African context.

With my international experience, I can now implement unique teaching styles that I believe will make the teaching and learning in my classroom effective and productive.

My advice for future Incoming interns: Get feedback from your mentor teacher, evaluate yourself as a teacher and find different teaching styles that work for specific groups!

Lindelwa Shakoane, Trainee, South Africa

Porträtbild International Student Asive Swazi

“I felt like I was sitting in a UN conference!"

The benefits of this mobility stay are plenty: One is that you develop international contacts which can serve to assist you for the rest of your life. You get to learn and be introduced to a different culture and way of life.

The lectures at PHBern which had future teachers from all over the world were incredible in making me understand how teaching and the purpose of teaching is viewed from all over the globe.

I really enjoyed myself in all of my classes, the teachers were accomodating and learners were very respectful, receptive and showed interest. 

My advice for future Incoming interns: Take in every single moment of the experience! 

Asive Swazi, Trainee, South Africa

Paula Nitz

“An educational journey with many new impressions”

The seminars are fun and experimental. PHBern gives you the opportunity to explore the Swiss education on a level which you would never see without studying here. The studies are shorter and more practical. PHBern focuses more on the job itself whereas my home university teaches me everything about the basics rather than the teaching job.

My advice for future Incoming students: Take as many practical courses as you can and when you arrive in Switzerland, buy yourself a GA ticket to discover the country by train.

Paula Nitz, Germany

Sonja Schneidler

“I got to know myself better”

An exchange semester is a good opportunity to become independent and meet people from other countries. The people at PHBern are very friendly and helpful in every situation and the campus is really inviting.

My advice for future Incoming students: Be open to meet new people whether local ones or other exchange students.

Sonja Schneidler, Austria