Interactive language learning in virtual reality at a distance


Virtual reality holds great potential for interactive learning of foreign languages at a distance.

Belearn-Projekt Visual

Project description

Virtual Reality (VR) opens up new possibilities for interpersonal communication in the digital realm. Similar to other digital communication methods - such as text messaging or video phone calls - VR enables interpersonal communication at a distance. Users are immersed in a digital, three-dimensional world and thus have more options to communicate using for example facial expressions or gestures when meeting other users. VR accordingly holds the potential for in-dividuals located in different places around the world to connect and learn from each other. In this regard, interactive language learning is a promising possibility. This project therefore explores the potential of VR for interactive language learning. Of particular interest is the benefit of using VR for this pur-pose in schools. Furthermore, technical implementation possibilities are searched for and exercises are developed that are suitable to be accomplished in this kind of VR.

Cooperation partner

Dr. Marius Rubo, Ambizione Research Group of at the Institute for Psychology, University of Bern



  • Prof. Dr. Martin Dobricki
  • Dr. Marius Rubo
  • Dr. Sina Shahmoradi
  • Dr. des. Michael Rihs


February 2023 – July 2024