Further development of the interactive learning platform FoResT to promote the resilience of prospective primary school teachers at the PHBern


The project aims to further develop the interactive learning platform FoResT for promoting resilience based on the intervention study conducted at the IPS in the fall semester of 2023. In addition to the learning platform, a new application will be integrated into its use. Order, the integration of AI is to be considered and examined to increase the efficiency of the learning process and thus promote resilience.

FoResT Lernplattform

Project description

The teaching profession is challenging and demanding in today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape. The need for resilience in trainee teachers is becoming increasingly important as they navigate complex teacher training programs and face the pressures of working in schools, sometimes in parallel. Research suggests that resilience can be understood as a process, competence and outcome. Individuals can learn to respond resiliently and that resilience can be improved over time through specific support measures and environmental factors (e.g., Beltman et al., 2018; Mansfield & Gu, 2019). 

The research project FoResT contributes to closing an existing gap in evidence-based support for developing resilience skills in preservice teachers in Switzerland. With the help of a Design-based research framework, an innovative learning platform was developed that equips teachers with effective coping strategies to overcome challenges during their training. The learning platform was tested for its effect in an intervention study at the Institute of Primary Education (PHBern) with ten seminar groups (n=256) in the fall semester of 2023.

The findings from the data evaluations should make a contribution to further development in 2024 so that the learning platform, including the integration of the developed application, can be further optimized. In addition, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the efficiency of the learning process and thus promote resilience is to be considered and examined.

Cooperation partner

BeLEARN partners and other cooperation partners

  • University of Bern, Institute of Educational Science, Department of School and Teaching Research
  • PHBern, Institute of Primary Education
  • PHBern, Institute of Continuing Education and Services




January 2024 to December 2024