SAFI - Software-supported analysis and promotion of social integration in school classes


Social relationships and well-being are crucial to the socio-emotional and academic development of learners. The development of a digital social climate monitoring-tool is intended to support teachers and special education professionals in promoting wellbeing, a positive classroom climate and enabling the social integration of all learners.

BeLearn - SAFI

Project description

Teachers and special education specialists are expected to support social processes and ensure a positive classroom climate in school classes. However, there are hardly any data-based instruments that make it possible to systematically record and promote pupils' social relationships and social integration. Research suggests that teachers' and students' perceptions of social integration and well-being coincide to a limited extent. Teachers' sensitivity to social classroom dynamics ("teacher attunement") is related to students' well-being and relationships. This is why teachers play an important role in structuring social processes among students in the sense of an "invisible hand".

The aim of this project is to develop a web-based software in the form of a digital social climate monitoring system that enables teachers and special education specialists to record social relationships in the classroom, support the social integration of all students and promote a positive classroom climate and well-being. The software is based on established questionnaire scales and methods of sociometry and social network analysis. The concept is being developed as part of a BeLEARN collaboration with partners from BFH, the University of Bern and FFHS. Through participatory research, the software will be tested and further developed in practice alongside teachers and special education specialists. It will record aspects of pupils' well-being, relationships, and the classroom climate, making developments over time visible.

Cooperation partner

  • Caroline Sahli Lozano, Institute for Research, Development and Evaluation, Bern University of Teacher Education
  • Michael Eckhart, Institute for Special Needs Education, Bern University of Teacher Education
  • Kenneth Ritley, Institute for Data Applications and Security, Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • Tina Hascher, Institute of Educational Science, University of Bern
  • Victoria Mirata, Institute for Research in Open, Distance and eLearning, Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences
  • Carmen Zurbriggen, Department of Special Needs Education, University of Fribourg
  • Barbara Muntwyler, Co-principal of the Mosaic School Munzinger



  • Dr. Sergej Wüthrich
  • Mareike Behounek
  • Monika Majić


January 2024 until December 2024


As soon as available